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Neuerscheinung/ New Publication: HANDBOOK OF European Policies

Neuerscheinung/ New Publication: HANDBOOK OF European Policies

Edited by Hubert Heinelt, Institute for Political Science, Technische Universität Darmstadt and Sybille Münch, Center for the Study of Democracy, Leuphana University, Germany

This definitive Handbook addresses the current lack of research into European policymaking and development using an interpretive perspective. Questioning areas that mainstream approaches tend to neglect, contributors target the ways in which ideas, arguments and discourses shape policies in the institutional context of the EU. (further information)





“Conversational Cuts“ on European planning systems

Conversational Cuts on European planning systems

Patricia Feiertag, 29 Feb, 2018

How are planning systems in different European countries evolving? Do they show convergent or divergent dynamics? And what do these differential dynamics mean for existing typologies or families of planning traditions?

During the 2018 Dortmund Conference (5th-6th February at TU Dortmund), a session on “European Perspectives” chaired by Prof. Karsten Zimmermann and Prof. Maros Finka took place, including contributions about:

  • the recent changes in Swiss Planning Legislation (Andreas Hengstermann, Universität Bern),
  • Macro-regions in the Baltic Sea, Danube and Alps (Jens Kurnol, BBSR),
  • new Planning approaches in the Netherlands (Dr Sebastian Dembski, University of Liverpool) and
  • Metropolitan cooperation in France (Patricia Feiertag, TU Dortmund).

The core aspect of the session’s debate was the current development of planning systems.

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