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Conversational Cuts on the Planning Committee at Regional Association Ruhr (RVR)

Conversational Cuts on the Planning Committee at Regional Association Ruhr (RVR)

Rogério Lopes, 05 Apr, 2018

What does regional planning in the Ruhr region look like? What happens at RVR? And to which extent do political parties in the Ruhr have different opinions on regional cooperation?

As a researcher for the ZUKUR project at Dortmund School of Planning, I was invited by our colleagues from Regional Association Ruhr (RVR) to make an observation of the Planning Committee Meeting (Planungsausschuss) on February, 28th. The observational opportunity is part of the methodological approach for a working package of ZUKUR which focuses on the formal and informal components of the regional governance in the Ruhr region.

Founded in 1920, the RVR has for a long time been responsible for planning purposes and processes on the regional tier. One of the main contributions for the Ruhr region was the implementation of so-called Regional Green Corridors. These are supposed to slow down the urbanization process on the fringes of the bigger cities in the Ruhr and especially contribute to less significant tendencies of urban sprawl. Despite RVR’s experience in coordinating the regional development of green infrastructure as well as of urbanized space, in the late sixties the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia decided that the new established Administrative Districts (Regierungsbezirke) of the state would become responsible for the Regional Plans. For the Ruhr region, this decision ended up being the beginning of a more than 40-year long administrative division into three planning regions (Arnsberg, Münster and Düsseldorf).

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