Urban Resilience & Planning

Urban Resilience: A Trilateral Start

Summary Post  by Robin Chang

From February 16th to 18th, colleagues from the Department of Urban Design and Land Use Planning convened a network symposium on Water Resilient Urban and Regional Development in New York. This event provided opportunities to present applied research projects from around the world and build relations for curriculum, practice, and research. I had the generous opportunity to attend with Nadine Maegdefrau from the Institute of Spatial Planning as collaborators.

For the opening exhibition, we joined an international audience and witnessed keynote addresses and presentations on progress local to the Ruhr region from Dr. Uli Paetzel (Emschergenossenschaft and Lippeverband), and also the Living Breakwaters project New York from Pippa Brashear (SCAPE).

The following days included Pecha Kucha styled introductions and workshop sessions presenting research interests and potential directions for further collaboration. Alongside our TU Dortmund colleagues, we were also joined but partners we invited from the Pacific Northwest. A range of partners including myself and guests invited from Simon Fraser University and the City of Vancouver through our department contributed to conversations on the potential joint research and practice of urban resilience along with other German and American institutions. The Canadian relations are new improvements on existing cooperation with Rutgers University, University of Virginia, City College of New York, University of Duisburg-Essen, Columbia University, University of Michigan, and also the University Alliance Ruhr. In addition to collaborator presentations, other notable keynotes include impressive international persepectives from Anthony Acciavatti and Iñaki Alday on projects specific to the Ganges and Yamuna Rivers.

All in all, the symposium was a positive experience for those involved. More importantly, however, is that it served as a foundational opportunity for future momentum and energy for trilateral research and curriculum development. Let us see how this can continue through future departmental and faculty-wide initiatives!

Workshop session at the Water Resilient Urban and Regional Development Symposium