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Moodleraum Master-Vorlesung Aktuelle Fragen der Raumplanung

Moodleraum Master-Vorlesung Aktuelle Fragen der Raumplanung

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Conversational Cuts on teaching and learning in False Creek Flats, Vancouver (CA)

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Conversational Cuts on teaching and learning in False Creek Flats. Reflecing on our undergraduate student excursion (F02-Projekt) to Vancouver (CA) in February and March 2020

By Robin A. Chang with Ned Jacobs, 06 April, 2020

Experiencing and exploring contemporary conundrums with urban and industrial lands

A most unusually unsexy topic for planning is that of industrial lands. The re-design and re-use of buildings and lands that are most stereotypically associated with pollution and nuisance, however, are soon if not already a challenge for many metropolitan areas.

This is a point that I, along with seven other undergraduate students and a community colleague would better come to understand during a two-week excursion from February 24th until March 11th, 2020 to study urban, industrial lands in Vancouver. Through our visits and interviews, we confronted a changing reality for what we traditional conceive as industrial activities. The grating noises, intrusive smells, and rough surfaces still exist, though toxic emissions are much reduced. Moreover, they co-exist now with glassed laboratories, FOB accessible open-plan offices, smartly branded breweries, and discrete fab-lab storefronts. The emerging and parallel existence of these functions fall under an outdated category of industrial land use zoning. In the meantime, development pressures, especially for multi-family housing, increasingly encroach upon these uses.