Urban Governance and Urban Transformation


Zimmermann, Karsten, Prof. Dr. (EPK)
Vorlesung mit Seminar | 2 SWS | Englisch | 2 Credits

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Montag 16:15 17:45 GB III / 214 27.10.2020 01.02.2021


The purpose of urban and regional development planning is to initiate, plan, programme and implement balanced and sustainable socio-economic development. This is a long-term effort and process involving diverse actors and institutions, both governmental and non-governmental, which have to negotiate a common goals and that has to be co-ordinated by means of appropriate organisational structures and procedures. The choice of organisational and managerial policies can greatly influence the regions’ capacities for achieving defined goals. It is therefore particularly important for development planners to be equipped with a profound knowledge about governance and decision making processes as well as ongoing discourses on state modernization.

Hence the objectives of the course are (1) to introduce the theoretical basis of decision making (2) to familiarise students with institutional change (3) to learn about organizations (including learning theories) and (4) to get an idea of state modernisation (i.e. decentralistion, multi-level governance).

The course comprises analysis of the original texts, presentations, and discussions to identify the use of theoretical approaches for practical planning.

At the end of the course, participants will possess analytical ability to link theory-based knowledge to complex, real world conditions of planning structures prevalent at the urban and regional level. They will be able to assess location-specific institutional and organisational structures in terms of their evolution, socio-cultural context and politico-administrative environment.


Für Studierende im B.Sc. Raumplanung: Diese Veranstaltung aus dem M.Sc. SPRING ist inhaltich dem Modul “Allgemeine Planungstheorie” zugeordnet. Sie kann alternativ oder ergänzend zu dem Modulelement “Theorie der Raumplanung” studiert werden. Näheres zu den Prüfungsmodalitäten wird zu Beginn der Vorlesungszeit bekanntgegeben.


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