IGLUS Seminar


Zimmermann, Karsten, Prof. Dr.

Seminar | 2 SWS | English

Dates From Until Place Begin End
Friday 8:30 13:00 GB I/ 437, SPRING Lounge 08.11.2019
Friday 8:30 13:00 GB I/ 437, SPRING Lounge 06.12.2019
Daily 8:30 18:00 GB I/ 437, SPRING Lounge 18.11.2019 22.11.2019


The one week IGLUS Seminar is part of the international executive Master-Programme Innovation in Governance of Large Urban Systems. (www.iglus.org). Students are invited to participate the Dortmund module together with an international group of students. Topics of the Dortmund module are Smart Cities, Green Infrastructure, Mobility and Metropolitan Governance. The module includes field visits in the Ruhr area, lectures of distinguished researchers and practitioners and active participation in group work. The seminar will take place in November (18.-22.). For successful completion participants need to write an assignment (15 pages) about one of the topics adressed in the seminar.
A preparatory meeting is scheduled for November. One additional meeting will take place in December. Number of participants is limited to 10. If you interested please contact us as soon as possible.


The participation in this course is limited. The application procedure for all courses starts at the beginning of the semester. More information and deadlines will be announced on the Faculty’s website, via E- Mail and through the introductory event.


M.Sc. Spatial Planning (2019): Requirement for passing this course is a proof of successful active participation in terms of the examination regulations and according to the module handbook and prepare a seminar paper (graded).

This includes the following demands

1) written assignment 15 pages (Hausarbeit), deadline 15.03. as a pdf file to Prof. Zimmermann;
2) active participation: presentation and group work