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Conversational Cuts on research about the german metropolitan regional governance

Conversational Cuts on research about the german metropolitan regional governance

Jingxian Tang, 27 June, 2018

As a researcher from East Asia, I – in addition to my friends in the academic field of planning, have long been curious about the relatively balanced polycentric spatial structure of Germany. The equalization of life and environmental quality is a fascinating inspiration for the generally economically and socially polarized Asian cities. With a strong motivation to better understand the comprehensive characteristic of the German system (not specifically limited to the planning system) that encourages a balance between qualities of life and environment, I left Tsinghua for one year and started a solo academic exploration at the TU Dortmund. I will share the insights I have collected since last November, which also serve as a “Thought Adventure” for a young Chinese scholar in the Cooperative-Federal world.

Given the current remarkable regional policy updates in China, it did not take long for me to turn my focus to German metropolitan regional governance. After 7 months of documentation collection, regional organization survey, more than a dozen interviews on practical regional projects, and repeated framework adjustments, I think my grounded perspective could definitely reveal some systematical features in addition to existing drawbacks of governance in Germany.

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