TU Dortmund Orientation

Welcome to the guide for visiting the Department of European Planning Cultures, Dortmund and the Ruhr Region!

The Department of European Planning Cultures welcomes you to our beautiful campus! Here you can find information and details on how you can visit us and find your way back home.

For relevant addresses, please take a look at the dropped map below. There you can also simply navigate to our adress.

Campus South:

  • Department of European Planning Cultures
  • Rudolf-Chaudoire-Pavillon
  • Library

Campus North:

  • Referat Internationales/International Centre
  • Internationales Begegnunsyentrum (IBZ)
  • Library


Other Useful Pages

Directions in German and English

Leisure & Culture Guide

Arrival & Logistics

So you are coming to Germany! Your experience is only just about to begin and what better way than with Germany’s world renown train system or on its famous Autobahns? The following sections are some starting points for you to plan and organize your logistics from the airport to Dortmund. We hope that these tips may help, but feel free to ask for any help and clarifications that may be required.

Which airports should I consider and what are their connections to Dortmund?

International connections to the city of Dortmund are possible from the airports in Duesseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt and Dortmund. While Duesseldorf is the closest airport to Dortmund Hbf (Dortmund Central Station), all three are viable options for entering Germany and beginning your trip to Dortmund. German cities and airports are connected through ‘ICE’ (Intercity Express Trains), ‘IC’ (Intercity), ‘S-bahn’ (City Speed Trains) and ‘Regio’ (Regional Trains) connections. ICE connections are the fastest and pricier options compared to Regio and Sbahn connections.

How to book train tickets?

A great resource to planning your logistics are the Deutsche Bahn, Oeffi and the VRR websites – also available in English. The former is the all around authority that manages all trains and connections in Germany while the latter is the regionally developed transportation authority. Both organizations also offer mobile apps (DB Navigator, Oeffi Journey Planner and VRR) that may be helpful for as a last minute resource while you are traveling. Additionally, Google Map directions are also a viable mobile resource.

Tips for Booking Tickets

It is worth it to take some time at the DB kiosks available at all train platforms and airport terminals to explore multi-day and week-long tickets. For those who are even more prepared, check out the DB website for travel offers through Germany available during your stay. DB kiosks are available at all airports and central stations. Should you have any emergency questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of the officials there for guidance.

Note that for reduced fees (‘Sparpreis’) the booked train is binding! Any regular ticket (‘Normalpreis’) is flexible. This means that you may take any connecting trains to reach your destination for the date of your ticket. Seat reservations cost 4,50€ extra and are only valid on the specified train(s) for which you have booked.

How do I get to Dortmund by train?

Getting to Germany is only part of the adventure. Train specific connections and directions to Dortmund Central Station and City Centre are listed for your information below:

From Duesseldorf International Airport

The best means of reaching Dortmund (‘Dortmund Hbf’) from Duesseldorf (‘Duesseldorf Flughafen’/’Duesseldorf Airport’) is with the S-Bahn S1 towards ‘Dortmund Hbf’. Regional connections are also available as well as ICE trains. Please note that the departure platform is the’ Duesseldorf Flughafen’ platform and not the ‘Duesseldorf Terminal’ platform. The time required to reach Dortmund from the Duesseldorf Airport ranges from roughly fourty minutes to just over an hour depending on your connections. Trains run every 20 minutes to half an hour. Please visit the transit authority websites to find your specific connections.

From Cologne/Bonn International Airport

To reach Dortmund (‘Dortmund Hbf’) from the Cologne/Bonn airport (‘CGN KölnBonn Airport’), it is necessary to take the S13 towards Köln-Ehrenfeld to the Cologne Central Station (‘Köln Hbf’). From there a range of options including ICEs, and Regio trains are available to connect to Dortmund every half an hour. It is very likely that you may have to transfer one or two times from Cologne to Dortmund. The time required to travel from the airport in Cologne to Dortmund ranges from one and a half to two hours depending on your connections. Please check the public transport websites for the best connection for your plans.

From Frankfurt International Airport

Connections from the Frankfurt Airport (‘FRA Frankfurt Airport’) to Dortmund (‘Dortmund Hbf’) are only available with ICE, IC, and Regio trains. Trains run every half an hour and can be booked online through Deutsche Bahn. The time required to connect from Frankfurt to Dortmund ranges from roughly two to four hours depending on your connections.

From Dortmund Airport

Connections from the Dortmund Airport are possible through the AirportExpress shuttle that will take you from the airport to the Dortmund Central Station. For further transportation options, please refer to teh Detusche Bahn website.

How do I get to my accommodation from the main station?

Connections from Dortmund Central Station is available via local ‘Strassenbahn’ (trams), ‘U-bahn’ (underground tram), ‘S-Bahn’, and local buses. Taxis are most often available outside of the central stations, as are bike rental options. Most likely, directions to your accommodation are available online on their websites. If not, feel free to use the online resources from transportation authorities above to plan your logistics.

The map below illustrates local S-Bahn, underground and tram connections from Dortmund Central Station (Hauptbahnhof):

Dortmund Public Transport Network

How do I get from my accommodation to the Technical University of Dortmund?

…To North Campus

There are two possible ways to reach the Technical University for the first day of your program. The first is to plan to head to the University stop (Dortmund Universitaet). This destination is accessible via the S1 S-Bahn directly from the Dortmund Central Station. Once you have reached the Dortmund University, it is necessary to take the H-Bahn (High Train) from north campus to south campus where workshops and seminars will be located. A detailed campus map is available here.

…To Eichlinghofen H-Bahn

The second option is to plan to reach the stop Eichlinghofen H-Bahn to the south-west of South Campus. This option is accessible via connections including the undergrounds U42, U45, U49 and Bus 440 (towards Germania S-Bahnhof). Again, please refer to the campus map as well as transport authority resources to check and confirm your best connections.

…By Car

Should you be driving to south campus, the address for your navigation is August-Schmide-Strasse 6, 44227 Dortmund which is the building (GB1) for Spatial Planning, Architecture, and Civil Engineering. You may also refer to building numbered 32 on the university on the campus map. A parking lot is located near the building.


Feel free to use this map below to view the locations for airports, central stations, and events.

Red markers denote key program and logistics locations. Blue markers denote suggested entertainment locations. Don’t forget to zoom out to get the full regional view!