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Conversational Cuts on a Joint Field Trip to Rotterdam

Conversational Cuts on a Joint Field Trip to Rotterdam

By Rogério Lopes, 06 September, 2019

In July 2019, our European Planning Cultures team made a field trip to the second-largest city of the Netherlands, Rotterdam. Initiated by the head of department, the idea is to annually go on a joint field trip to the cities, being used as case-studies by the PhD candidates at our department. By doing so, the colleagues are able to get to know the current stage of work. Also, it enables the PhD candidates to discuss with their colleagues about their results and insights.

Thanks to one of my colleagues, we were able to get to know in depth what Rotterdam’s current success on transformation and also on temporary urbanism is based on. My colleague has been working on the latter aspect for her PhD thesis and was therefore able to organize a stunning two-day long trip through Rotterdam’s most emblematic sites and spots. Our first trip started at the Zomerhofkwartier (ZOHO) and ended with a tour by Mohamed from DakAkker, a rooftop farming organization that is located along the Luchtsingel project.