Research & Learning

2nd International Workshop on Research and Practice & Guest Presentation

Urban Resilience: Resonance in the Ruhr?

This second international workshop hosted by the Faculty of Spatial Planning from TU Dortmund, follows up on the collaboration “Urban Climate Resilience in Metro Vancouver Municipalities: International Workshop on Research and Practice” to comparatively examine the relevance of urban resilience in German municipalities. Co-organized by the Department of European Planning Cultures and the Institute of Spatial Planning, this workshop aims to discuss if and how approaches to urban resilience in German municipalities are defined and implemented. We will hear from scholars and authorities on initiatives from three German municipalities and research topics that range from climate change adaptation, to sustainability, and disaster risk management in local and regional contexts.


Guest Seminar with Prof. Dr. Lasse Gerrits

On Thursday September 29th, our department had the pleasure of hosting Prof. Dr. Lasse Gerrits from the University of Bamberg. In a seminar on complexity informed research methods, students and colleagues were introduced to some basic principles of complexity, relevant impacts on research, as well as various methods such as event-sequence analysis and qualitative comparative analysis. Check out the video below if you missed the guest seminar:

The Department of European Planning Cultures is grateful to our guest as well as the University of Bamberg for its support in providing this content.