From vulnerability to resilience: planning resilient cities


Dahae Lee
Seminar| 2 SWS | English | 4 Credits

Day From To Place Begin End
Thursday 8:30 10:00 Digital 15.04.2021 22.07.2021

Cancelled on 25.05. (Exkursionswoche)

Learning Content:

Course objectives

Upon successful completion, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

1) describe the origins and evolution of urban resilience as a concept in planning;

2) characterise and define urban resilience in relation to academic and popular literature; and

3) critically evaluate practices for strengthening urban resilience.

Short course summary

Without a doubt, 2020 was a remarkably difficult year with a raging pandemic and significant protests driven by systemic racism and police violence, just to name a few. Although such crisis challenges our cities, it gives us an opportunity to rethink the way we plan, design, develop and manage our cities. In fact, over the past decade a new field has emerged called urban resilience. As a young concept in urban planning, urban resilience is a paradigm that is as contentious as it is liberating. This seminar provides a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the concept of urban resilience. Based on case studies, students discuss how to make cities more resilient, no matter what crisis occurs next.


The participation in this course is limited. The application procedure for all courses starts at the beginning of the semester. More information and deadlines will be announced on the Faculty’s website, via E- Mail and through the introductory event.


M.Sc. Spatial Planning (2012): Requirement for passing this course is a proof of successful active participation according to §19 MPO. Evaluation of student performance will be based on:

1) active participation in seminar discussions

2) oral presentation

3) final paper

This is a course in which all participants must individually prepare one oral presentation, constructively and actively participate in seminar discussions and provide critical reflections. In addition, students must submit final paper.